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Online registration for this event will not be available after January 25, 2020 at 06:00 PM Eastern Time

When: Sunday, January 26, 2020
Greenwich Academy
200 N. Maple Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06830
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Sponsor: National Scholastic Chess Foundation
Event Type: Scholastic (K-12)
Entry Fees:
Section Fees & Conditions
Middle-High $40 initial ; $50 effective 01/24/2020
Grades 6 through 12.
5th Grade $40 initial ; $50 effective 01/24/2020
Grade 5 only.
4th Grade $40 initial ; $50 effective 01/24/2020
Grade 4 only.
3rd Grade $40 initial ; $50 effective 01/24/2020
Grade 3 only.
2nd Grade $40 initial ; $50 effective 01/24/2020
Grade 2 only.
K-1 $40 initial ; $50 effective 01/24/2020
Grades Pre-K through 1.
Discounts: Sibling/Group: $5 discount for group registration greater than or equal to 2 participants in this event; paid in a single transaction.
Applicable to section(s): Middle-High, 5th Grade, 4th Grade, 3rd Grade, 2nd Grade, K-1
Schedule: Middle-High: Check in by: 9:15am; First Round time: 9:30am. (4 rounds)
4th/5th: Check in by: 9:30am; First Round time: 9:45am. (4 rounds)
K-1/2nd/3rd: Check in by: 9:45am; First Round time: 10:00am. (4 rounds)
Time Control: 4th/5th and Middle-High: Game/45, delay 5
K-1/2nd/3rd: Game/35, delay 5
Byes: Half (1/2) point bye requests (1 maximum) are available in any round of a 4-round section.
No byes are offered in Future Masters.
NSCF tournament info
P: (914) 683-5322

Please note the starting time for your section. Please arrive early and check the wallboards to confirm registration. 

ON-SITE REGISTRATION FEE: $50. On-site registrants: Plan to be on line 30 minutes before your section starts. If you arrive late we will still try to pair you, but you may have to take a 1/2 point bye for the 1st round. 

PRIZES:  You do not have to be from Greenwich to win one of these prizes: Trophies to top 5 (minimum score of 2) plus all players scoring 3 points or more. K-1: Medals to all K-1 section participants and trophy to top Kindergartner (or pre-K).  Additional trophies: Top unrated in all sections, top Kindergartner (or pre-K, top under 400 in the 2nd grade, under 500 in 3rd grade, under 600 in 4th grade, and under 700 in 5th grade).  Teams: Trophies to top 3 school teams in each section. 

In addition to the above prizes, the top player in each of seven grade categories (K,1,2,3,4,5,MS/HS) who resides in or attends school in Greenwich will recaive a plaque as Greenwich City Scholastic Champion. The top Greenwich K-3 and 4-up school teams (sum of team scores across the related sections) will also reeceive plaques.

For tournament postponement and delay notices, check nscfchess.org and https://twitter.com/NSCFChess.

Refunds/Cancellation Policy: If you can not play in an event you have registered for, you may withdraw and claim a credit for a future event. Credits will not be carried over to the next school year; refunds will be available at a $10 fee if requested by the day of the last scheduled tournament of the season. For further information, see the tournament FAQ at www.nscfchess.org.

Instructor-recommended resources for beginning players.